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June 7 - 30; QuARanTine Virtual Exhibition

Curated by Bart Mervil, MUCE


Ashlee Breyan

Nate Dee

Osvaldo Gonzalez

Alexa Lash

Omar Corrales Mora

Jalen A. Law

Yudit Orlando

VK Paints



Luna Vi

Alexa Lash


Anxiety by Alexa Lash

Anxiety by Alexa Lash

Listen to the song here

Ashlee Breyan, MJ, 9x12in, Acrylic on Canvas, $65
Ashlee Breyan, Unknown Growth, 48x60in, Acrylic and Oil on canvas, $2500
Nate Dee, "This or That", Digital painting, 30" x 20", $400
Osvaldo Gonzalez - Fighting Covid, 16x20in, Digital on Canvas, $68
Omar Corrales Mora, Los Héroes del Mundo, 17"× 12", oil / cardboard, $400.00
Omar Corrales Mora, Oleo/Tela, 18"×14, 2020 , $500
Jalen Law - "Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art..." , Oil on Aluminium Panel, 10'x5', Original NFS, Canvas Prints 36"x17" $176 | 24"x11" $108
Yudit Orlando, Miami Vice III, 26_x24_,$250
Yudit Orlando - City to World, 36_x24_, $350
Yudit Orlando - City to World Summer 2020, 36_x24_,$350
Yudit Orlando, Yellow and Agua, 24_x24_,$250
Yudit Orlando, City to State, 16_x16_,$150
VK Paints, Untitled, 36x36in, Acrylic on Canvas, $600
Peacefuldesigner, Land Of The Free?, illustrating software, 8.5in x 11in, 2020, $60.jpg
Peacefuldesigner, Creative Quarantine, illustrating software, 8.5in x 11in, 2020, $60

Sona - "Resilience & Restoration" , acrylic on canvas, 36 x 24”, $3,500

Luni Vi, Revelations, 20” x 24", Original Acrylic on Canvas, $350

QuARanTine Virtual Exhibition

Curate by Bart Mervil, MUCE

June 7 - 30

All inquiries, email


- Melissa 'Honeyrrose'



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