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Rhyme & Reason: Let's Talk Poetry, Art, and Freedom!

Updated: Apr 7

"Rhyme & Reason" isn't just another event. It's a gathering where we immerse ourselves in poetry, art, music, and the freedom to express who we are. From delving into banned books to chatting with poets on a live podcast, we're all about ‘sparking conversations’ and letting creativity flow. RSVP Here

Saturday, April 20th 

Time: 6:00p - 9:00p

Location: Historic D.A. Dorsey House |  250 NW 9th St, Miami, FL 33136


Banned Books Club Poetry Reading: Join Banned Books Club for a journey through poetry from banned books. We'll discuss censorship, its impact, and why it's essential to speak out against it.

Live Podcast Interviews:  Join us for a Live Podcast Interview hosted by Farah Charles! Engage in genuine conversations with poets and audience members as we delve into their inspirations, the significance of poetry, and its potential to disrupt the status quo.

Community Mural: Unleash your creativity on our collaborative mural. It's a canvas for all of us to express ourselves and share our stories through art.

Food Truck: Indulge in delectable delights and refreshing beverages from our family-friendly food truck lineup, offering a mouthwatering array of snacks and drinks to energize your fun-packed day. Get ready to savor Caribbean cuisine from Mr. Mack Island Grill and cool off with delightful Italian icees from Mr. Frosty305.

Open Jam Session: Bring your instrument and join in on our open jam session! Whether you're a seasoned musician or just love to play, everyone is welcome to come together and make some beautiful music.

"Rhyme & Reason" is about breaking down barriers, celebrating creativity, and connecting with kindred spirits. Come join us for a night of poetry, art, music, and freedom like never before!  RSVP Here


6:00p - 9:00p Open Jam Session

6:00p - 7:00p Poetry book & discussion w/ The Banned Book Club

7:00p - 9:00p Live podcast w/ The Fara Charles Project


"On The Ban Wagon | The Power of The Pen"  It's an art exhibition shedding light on banned books and their ongoing struggles. Hosted at the historic D.A. Dorsey House in Overtown, this event is proudly brought to you by the esteemed Black Archives in collaboration with MUCE.

Exhibition hours of operation Mon - Fri 11a - 6p Saturday 12p - 5p RSVP Only

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