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2021 Uptown Avenue 7 Artist Call

We are now accepting submissions to exhibit during the Uptown Avenue 7 Arts & Culture Festival Presented by Commissioner Jean Monestine & the NW 7th Avenue CRA.

Saturday, November 13th from 12pm - 7pm at Arcola Lakes Library Plaza

We invite sculptors, installation artists, sound artists, video artists, web-based artists, performance based visual artists, multimedia and other artists to submit work to this call. This year's outdoor Pop-up Art experience is curated by Bart Mervil, of Miami Urban Contemporary Experience.

Artists are expected to create an artistic installation/ mini-mural around themes that showcase diversity of culture that lives in Miami and that honors the historic or envisions the futuristic ideals of our community. The words Uptown Avenue 7 must be included in some capacity of the space; the progress must be 100% complete by November 8. Any work in progress not complete November 1st can be disqualified if deemed to do so. We reserve the right to refuse installation for any reason.

Fill out/complete Inquiry Form here.

Entry deadline: October 8th by 11:59pm

Artist & Vendor Coordinator

---Need volunteer hours? Contact



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