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A Statement By The Artist - As A Matter Of Black

As A Matter Of Black: In Love

Curator: Bart Mervil, MUCE305

February 11 - March 12, 2022

MUCE CAMPUS | 246 NW 54th Street

In honor of Black History Month, MUCE presents its annual exhibition As A Matter of Black. This year’s theme explores Love on the canvas and on the runway with dynamic duo Dorvilier & fashionista Mishie.

Together they explore the ideas of Black Love: as partners, lovers, and artists. They challenge each of us to see more of ourselves, of our community - to see the culture through the lense of love.

Exhibiting Artist

Dorvilier Olivier

Dress Installation




Artist Statement | Surround yourself with the creations that INSPR. you can create even more. This is the trick that Dorvilier Olivier has mastered throughout the years of chasing his desired lifestyle. Becoming a full time professional artist in 2016, he is no stranger to every plateau of the art life. Still, his message is as clear as it has always been: Self Motivation, Self Dedication, & Self INSPR.ation. These are the values he has spread to his growing number of supporters. With his art he takes any viewer into an emotional journey. Through his figurative work that expresses strong body language, to his abstract resin that speaks to all art collectors with its colorful movement, Dorvilier Olivier speaks directly to everyone’s spirit. While exploring his work you’ll also be intrigued by the amazing body art he has performed - working with well respected models and photographers to bring images that are sure to boost your endorphins. There’s no finish line to this marathon of creativity, so be sure to keep up with everything Dorvilier has to offer.

“If it can be, then who are we, to not see, the possibilities?”


Artist Statement | Confidence, Beauty and Grace. A representation of an everyday Black Queen. Knowing her self worth and becoming the best version of herself. She has many desires but most of all a Black King to uplift her, respect her and love her for who she is, flaws and all.


As A Matter Of Black: In Love

Feb 11 - March 12 | Curator: Bart Mervil, MUCE305

Gallery Hours 12p - 5p | Tuesday. Wednesday. Friday. By Appointment Only



  • FRI. February 11th | 6pm – 9pm | Opening Reception & Artist Meet & Greet, Fashion Experience

  • SUN. February 27th | 2pm – 6pm | The Body Workshop – Come Body paint with Dovilier, $25 To Participate (includes 1 drink tix & supplies)

  • SAT. March 12TH | 6PM – 9PM | Artist Talk & Closing Reception | Final Goodbuys

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