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An Event Happening Now That Will Be Remembered In The Future

"The Room at MUCE is an honoring to all of those creatives who built a bridge to all cultural freedom for each of us." Ashlee Thomas, President of MUCE

'The Room', as told by comedian Marvin Dixon, were the only place black musicians & comedians could share their gifts during segregation. It was very hard to get to the main-stage of Hollywood, so we created jazz, blues and funk! The iconic comedians of the time, all played in small rooms and slowly built a bridge to mainstream spaces. If we wanted the wealth as a creative, a crossover was necessary as the dominate culture controlled the media - but artist did what was necessary until the opportunities manifested.

Come see the next of history makers in, The Room at MUCE.


8P - 9P


SHOWTIME: 8:00P - 8:30P

SHOWTIME: 8:30P - 9:00P

For more information, vending or media inquiries, please email:



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