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Closing Reception: As A Matter Of Black '22

We would like to thank everyone who came out to this years edition of, As A Matter Of Black: In Love, an exhibition exploring Love on a canvas, featuring visual artist Dorvilier Olivier & fashionista Mishie Henry.

Together, they brought us magic! In case you missed it, heres a quick recap.

If I may, I'd like to start off with a huge shout out to Jayce-Olivia. The 9 year old dress designer of this installation piece you see in the photo below. Keep shining JoJo! Your future is bright!

"I’m always sketching cute designs and outfits, and loved the idea of making my own dresses with my moms sewing machine. She went to college for fashion design, so she’s teaching me everything there is to know...This was such an inspiring and exciting project. I’m honored to be part of this art exhibition and eager to create even more beautiful things. Thank you so much, JoJo (Jayce-Olivia)"

The Body Workshop

Not a typical day here at the MUCE Campus as we immersed ourselves in lots of GLITTER.

Closing Reception

A day of celebration! Dorvilier Olivier 35th birthday and the closing of a lovely exhibition. Filled with good people, Live music, & delicious Hor D'oeuvres.


To stay in touch with our team about future opportunities, or if you'd like to reach out with any questions about this event, please e-mail:



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