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QuARanTine & Chill

Meet the Artist & their ART!

Ashlee Breyan

#Instagram @Iam_breyan


"My work forms connections between past and present. Analyzing black culture, music, and history have helped me to find strength and balance in the face of our current cultural paradigm. I pay tribute to the artists and historical figures who have positively impacted my life. Through dedication to my artistic practice, I continue to discover new and interesting ways to express my feelings on canvas."


Omar Corrales Mora

#Instagram @omarcorralesmora


"His inspiration for this global pandemic and thinking of his daughter and grand baby in Cuba."


Jalen A. Law

#Instagram @Jay_ICCTT

#Facebook The Jalen Law Collection


"This work is dedicated to the medical doctors and nurses who are on the front line of fighting the Coronavirus pandemic."


VK Paints

#Instagram @vkpaints


Osvaldo Gonzalez

#Instagram @osvaldogonzalezart

#Facebook osvaldogonzalezart


“Light and dark coexist in my artwork. I like to mix drawings, photos, and incorporate found objects in my compositions, collage, assemblages, and mixed media are very present in my creative journey. I always strive for an “aged” photographic look. The digital medium is perfect for putting my ideas together and making them a reality. ”



#Instagram @peacefuldesigner305

She is a graduate of Florida International University with a passion for art illustration & digital photography.


Luna Vi


"This quarantine period, despite the stress, the health concerns, financial worries, and overall uncertainty, has been a blessing. It has offered a lot of us the opportunity Of extra time; to do things we always wanted to, to spend it with our families, and most importantly, to reflect. I have been using the time to continue self reflection practices and work on the things that don’t serve my highest good. Though my creativity has fluctuated, I manage to create and complete this piece, serving as a mirror to what the situation is, and a symbol for hope."


Alexa Lash

#Instagram @alexalashmusic

#Facebook alexalashmusic

#Soundcloud alexalashmusic


"When I create, it's always with intent. My songwriting is inspired by poetry and originates in establishing structure, and then seeking to play with it, break it. I seek to write lyrics that are honest, self-reflective, and describe emotions in their truest form - and in that, write in a way that complements my intention. In writing "Anxiety," I sought to use structure in a way that carries the emotion of anxiety in synchronicity with the lyrics. The whole song is supposed to reflect the way I felt when writing about a life in quarantine. And honestly, a life outside of quarantine. Because anxiety is an emotion shared across the globe, and it is only during this time that people have started to really open up about their shared anxiousness, have started to talk about their mental health in an open and constructive way."


Yudit Orlando

#Instagram @yuditorlando


"The series “City Inspired” originated short before the pandemic reached the U.S. The main subject of this series is the artwork found on the manholes of the city of Miami transferred on to canvas or paper using the rubbing technique usually against a colorful and abstract background. In the latest pieces of this series, I’ve included backgrounds representing the maps of Florida and the world indicating our inevitable connectivity, especially amidst the pandemic. The city of Miami “stamped” all over the maps indicates how whatever each one of us does in our small or large city can affect the residents of the state, of the country and even of the world. "


Nate Dee

#Instagram @miaminate


"The series that I am working in is similar to a potpourri with a mélange of images and patterns. Usually based on a figurative element that is the focal point, the images and patterns are representative of my personal experiences, ideas, and philosophies. Although each piece is usually a direct response to the text contained with in, I still try to keep the actual meaning as ambiguous as possible. I want the viewer to find his or her own meaning and relationship to the artwork. At first glance there is a sense of whimsy in my work that is grounded by its urban visual elements."



#Instagram @s.o.n.a_

Sona explores her personal connection with the natural world to unravel her own truth and curiosity around  the duality of indigenous culture and practice in the context of modern day society.  


QuARanTine Virtual Exhibition

Curated by Bart Mervil

Opening Reception

SUNDAY JUNE 7, 2020 @6PM

Join #MUCE305 for the



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Keep rising & shining beautiful people!

-Melissa Honeyrrose



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