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Applications open June 2024


General Info

MUCE Resident Artist 21-22 Program offers working space at the MUCE Campus for exceptional visual artists working in a variety of Mediums. This year long residency is dedicated to emerging visual artist whose work explores African Diaspora art or is a cultural member of the African Diaspora.   MUCE Resident Artists are provided the space to develop their practice, collaborate with other artist and participate in exhibitions, public programming, business development courses, and community outreach initiatives.

Program Benefits

  • Access to the MUCE Campus and gallery to create new works

  • Free Residential street parking

  • Resident Artist Group Exhibition (March 2022 + September 2022)

  • Opportunity to engage with local, national, and international curators, artists, as well as participate in studio visits, exhibitions, public programs, and community outreach initiatives.

  • Access to MUCE special pricing with print, frame, and paint vendors

  • Wi-Fi access

  • 40 hours weekly access to MUCE Campus to work

  • 1-on-1 consultation for business development 

  • At the completion of the program, priority review for show submissions, first-access to paid gigs,

  • ​$500 stipend towards supply needs for Group Exhibition

Eligibility and Requirements

Please apply only if you are a practicing artist who:

  • needs space and time to develop new works and can actively engage in The MUCE Resident Artist Program

  • able to commit to 4 hours weekly to volunteer for MUCE Campus projects/ Needs

  • able to commit to 10-12 hours per week developing new works

  • can participate in the Resident Group Exhibits (Mar 2022 & Sep 2022)

  • wants to grow their craft as a professional artist and contribute to Miami’s cultural scene

  • ​has artworks that primarily explore the nuances of the African Diaspora

  • OR is a cultural member of the African Diaspora (indigenous Africans from 1600 AD – present, descents of the victims of the transatlantic slave trade, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latin, etc. )


application opens August 15

Deadline to submit Sept 1

Notification Sept 15

Residency Begins Oct 1

Click here to submit online.



Prepare the items below for your submission:

  1. Full contact information

  2. A short statement of why you want to join MUCE Resident Artist Program and what you hope to accomplish over the course of 6 months (max 250 words)

  3. A brief description of your practice/style/research and how it explores the African Diaspora (max 200 words)

  4. Headshot, Resume, Artist Bio (optional)

  5. Up to 10 images, 10 pages of written material, or 10 video links of recent work

  6. Two References

art at MUCE


Application open June 1

art at MUCE

for the 2024

Deadline to Submit July 1st

art at MUCE

Artist Residency

Residency begins Sept 2024

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