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Entrepreneur, Mack Samuel, Shares How He Built His Successful Tech Company

By Janéy Tate & Amanda Finn

When it comes to IT and technology support, the team at Globalxnet has the experience of 35 years, something founder Mack Samuel prides himself in. The company services national as well as international clientele with the same finesse they use with the Miami Dade County Public Schools, South Florida Minority Supplier Development Council and the City of Miami Gardens.

Having spent over 50 years in the area, Samuel believes that giving back to his community is deeply important. He is active in education-related organizations, the local chamber of commerce and other volunteer opportunities. Globalxnet is a certified Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) with a deeply rooted love of helping future generations secure educational/professional opportunities.

Mack Samuel shared with interviewer Janey Tate, what inspired him to get into the technology industry and how he supports the community around him.

Janey Tate: Why did you decide to get into the technology software and service business?

Mack Samuel: I have been interested in electronics since high school and was always fascinated by how things work; inventions, electronics as well as how electricity works. I studied Albert Einstein, my favorite scientist, in high school.

Tate: What about it do you love?

Samuel: I love technology because it is new, innovative and ever changing, and it helps to improve the quality of life.

Tate: Why did you decide to open your shop on N. W. 7th Avenue Corridor?

Samuel: I decided to open my technology business on 7th Avenue because I lived close to the area (over 50 years.) I saw the area as a thriving business corridor and over the years, saw it deteriorate.

Tate: How long have you been in business in this area?

Samuel: I have been in business in this area since 1971.

Tate: What sets Globalxnet Technologies services apart from the rest?

Samuel: At GlobalXnet Technologies, we pride ourselves in giving great customer service. We are resellers of all the major technology [brands]: i.e., HP, Lenovo, Dell, Poly, ClearTouch, Samsung, etc.

Tate: What do your customers say about your business that keeps them coming back?

Samuel: We sell high quality products and service, and are totally committed to great customer satisfaction.

Tate: Do you believe in giving back to the community your business is in? If so, what have you done via your business to give back to the community?

Samuel: We give back to the community in many different ways: we focus on youth education and development; we provide Internships for high school and college students. Last year (2020) we had 10 interns from high schools during the Coronavirus pandemic and brought in industry experts to teach the students and give valuable career information.

We provided STEM for Kids Workshops (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) to increase the number of students getting into the technology field.

Tate: What is the best way for potential customers to contact you and connect with your business?

Samuel: Potential customers can contact us by calling (786) 623-9539 or email:

Amanda Finn contributed to this article. Amanda is an award winning arts, lifestyle and travel writer. She collects stories, memories and tattoos. Follow along on her adventures on Instagram: @Finn.writes

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