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Mother and Daughter Duo Shares the Success Behind Their 45-Year-Old How Floral Business

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

By Janey Tate

Since 1976 the mother and daughter duo, Lillian DeLaFlor and Kim Lue, of Dolly’s Florist have been providing the Miami-Dade community with custom high-quality floral arrangements. For this women-led and owned business, their company is more than selling flowers, they said they pride themselves in providing their customers with arrangements to make their life experiences memorable and meaningful.

Located on NW 147th street and 7th Ave, the floral shop is in the heart of the Uptown 7th Avenue corridor and is one of the many businesses that keep the area thriving. Dolly’s Florist’s reach has gone beyond northwest 7th avenue with them being the official florist of the Miami Fashion Week April 2007 and MTV Video Music Awards for 2004 and 2005. Dolly's Florist has built a reputation in Miami as the innovator of exotic floral design by combining the art of design with the elegance and raw beauty of nature.

Lillian De La Flor, and her daughter, Kim Lue, shared with interviewer Janey Tate, why they began their business and what has set them apart from other florists for the past 45 years.

Janey Tate: What inspired you to open a florist business?

Kim Lue: For my mother, it was working with her parents in their first flower shop, Little Flower Shop back in 1966 and many years after in Hallandale, Fla. She loved the way the flowers made people feel and how important they can be in someone’s life. For me, it was the joy of being able to grow up in the shop since I was a baby and growing up to realize this place is a legend and staple in Miami and needed to keep this going. And same feelings as my mom; I love how we can create a mark in someone’s life from birth to death.

Janey: What special services and products do you provide?

Lillian: We provide flowers for weddings, for sympathy, and all occasions in between. Decorating and creating custom and unique designs.

Janey: What can people expect when they shop with you?

Kim: 100% satisfaction! We have been busy this long because we strive to have the best customer relations and provide quality to everyone.

Janey: How long have you been in business?

Kim: Lillian and her then-husband back in 1976 bought the business Dolly’s Florist.

Janey: Were you intentional about opening a business on the NW 7th Avenue corridor? If so why?

Lillian: The only intention was that the existing florist was there and happened to know me and my husband. It was a great area back in the day and the location was perfect. We can reach two counties.

Kim: When my parents met, my mom was working at her parents’ flower shop and that’s when my dad started working there as well and just fell in love with the business.

Janey: How has the community received you? What do they say they like about the shop?

Lillian: The community has been really great. Some have been around a long time, some have changed, but it has definitely grown over the years. We’re going by what the reviews on our website say and online people always compliment our customer service and the quality of our flowers.